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2010-12-31 – Update –  Lazyscope beta – see section Conversation and participation – Twitter,

    Twitter – waste or save time besides having fun. Post lists tons of Twitter tools that help you take better advantage of Twitter.We are trying to hit the 100 mark and we are getting ever nearer to it. Can you help us with adding to the list by providing more great Twitter tools?.
    What is your favorite Twitter tool – with iPhone, Blackberry, PC, WordPress, Typepad – did I miss listing your tool?  Please let me know so we can improve this list of great tools for the benefit of all Twitter users. Thank you and enjoy.

Ever since I started blogging in late 2000, I have continued to discover amazing things. Like we all do, during this time I have been thinking quite a bit about how social media works. I am still trying to figure out how microsharing (some call it microblogging) works and how replies or direct message ratios indicate anything we should be aware of (e.g., return on microblogging – ROM)

This analysis makes me wonder if Twitter and other microblogging tools matter. Moreover, if they do, how could they help users to better scale one’s attempt of following ever more people to stay abreast the latest developments and gossip. As well, if corporate attempts to use Twitter successfully for advancing their brands and footprint in cyberspace remains to be seen

I thought you might be interested if I share some data on this topic. I have tested, re-tested some tools and while I use a few myself – many I rarely if ever use.

I would appreciate your help in maintaining and updating this list by providing more details and submitting additional tools.

Naturally besides using tools, here is a list of resources that you should browse through to help you use Twitter more effectively:

Twitter netiquette that might help you being more effective while saving time.

Twitter – the four commands you should know about AND use – NOW – saves time

So here come some of the tools that I hope will help you meet your New Year’s resolution for 2009 – namely – wasting less time while spending more quality time with your loved ones.

While not wanting to recommend any, I have marked those I use myself with (use – #tools2watch). Please add comments and let me have your favorite tools.

Before you continue, why not register yourself by leaving your e-mail below so you get our next post first. You will be glad you did:

Conversation and participation – Twitter,

2010-12-31 – UpdateLazyscope beta – allows you to pre-view links tweeted  on the right-hand side. Over 80 percent of cases  you can read the whole post there without having to visit using a browser. So this can save you plenty of time.
Additional feature offered is that it allows you to follow non-Twitter feeds (e.g., blog) – somewhat similar to Google Reader. #tools2watch

Qwitter – monitor who is quitting the feed – – interesting is that it shows you after which tweet this happened – learn from possible mistakes you made in your tweet … (tried using – does not always work and fails to report reliably who drops and who does not)

Tweet Deck – being a more effective Twitter user organize incoming tweets better any way you like – it is very handy – keeping track much better of many tweets (use – #tools2watch)

Twhirl– Centrally manages activity, messaging, and updating for Twitter and other platforms (FriendFeed,, and Seesmic).

Brand monitoring

Twilert – informing you about tweets mentioning your brand/product (use sometimes)

SplitTwit – helps keeping track of what is being said by your contacts as well as about your brand (use sometimes)

TweetBeep – similar to Google Alerts – monitors who is retweeting your stories, with or without links, who is mentioning your brand, and links to your website/blog. Get daily digest and avoid the need for manual search. (use – #tools2watch)

Tweetscan – does the same like Twilert but after testing I find Twilert more comprehensive (use sometimes) – monitoring positives, negatives and neutrals of a brand, product, individual and so forth – but watch out the tool is basic and using a :-( in one of your tweets counts as a negative tweet – results can be confusing. (use from time to time)

Monitter – tracking tool that enables you to enter up to 3 keywords that you want to monitor, thereafter watch any tweets that mention these words in real time

Safety and Security

Tweetake – enables you to back up your Twitter account, followers, bio and your links (use it – it could be your life saver) (use – #tools2watch)

Twitter safe – making Twitter safer for you – backup your list of followers now – You can download a portable web page and CSV file with your message archive including replies. Our database goes back to December 2007 and is the most comprehensive available (use – #tools2watch)

Managing Tweets

Tweetlater – this is a neat tool for Twitter-related chores – for me I like the daily digest of @ replies, since I am not always where I can monitor the tweets I am receiving, this really helps, will post Tweets at a time specified by you – of course it has to be used correctly without spamming people through direct messages 😉 (use – #tools2watch)

Twitterlater – similar to Tweetlater except you do not get a login and cannot manage your account – just enter the tweet and data you want it shipped and that is it… KISS principle – nice.

TwitResponse — allows you to schedule messages when you want but may be away from your desk or mobile phone. Will post Tweets at a time specified by you.

Twitturly is neat, shows all your hyperlinks that you have shared as well as retweets, an example you can see here: (use – sometimes)

Grouptweet – this enables you to open a special Twitter account on Twitter and then register with Grouptweet – then you use D ComMetricsDEV (we are starting to use it – pre-testing) when sending tweet it gets sent as Direct Message (= D in front) to group members only (e.g., our developers you have been accepted as followers to D ComMetricsDEV) – it works fine so far (use – #tools2watch)


Want to know what you have done over the last few months when it comes to your tweet density.

Twittercounter – what is the trend when it comes to the people who follow you? This tries to give you an answer to this question.

Tweet Stats – nice graphics about your tweet density, when you tweet during the week and so on

Twitter analytics – check out where you are in comparison to ComMetrics, nice graphics


If you have any time left, you can bring more variety to your tweets by using multimedia as well.

Utterli – allows cross-post => put up picture on Utterli and get it posted to Flickr, etc at the same time.

TwitPic – people love to look at pictures

12 Seconds – short video clips with your tweets

Browser, Blackberry

TwitSnip (Firefox and Internet Explorer) is a simple tool for easily posting to Twitter. It lets you “quote” text on any web page.

TwitterFox – a Firefox add-on that allows you to send and receive updates, right from the browser’s status bar – has a small text input field to update your status – lower right of your browser (use – #tools2watch).

Twitterberry – downloadable Blackberry application for Twitter – keep your friends posted about your Twitter status from your Blackberry.

Tools for Bloggers

Twitter Tools – WordPress plug-in from Alex King. this is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account – allows you to use your tweets and repost these on your blog if you wish.

Twitter Widget – Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates (uses the Javascript Twitter ‘badge’)

Updated WordPress Twitter Widget – by Adam Wulf – provides widget for showing your Twitter

Blog posts with more Twitter tools

CyTRAP Labs’ choice – free tools – 12 best Twitter tools (great tools for iPhone, PC, managing several Twitter accounts at once and so forth – must check)

More tools, tips, tricks and FAQs from ComMetrics that can help you be more effective with Twitter (outlines the ropes to skip in order to keep your targeted followers happy)

=========> if you have more time to spare you may also want to consider these tools

tools and applications you may want to use

Twittgroups allows one to manage groups I opened one for our tool check it out

Tweetworks looks interesting for group discussions (used it – mixed success see an example – what metrics to use for Twitters – limited response), thanks for the link (used with mixed success)

Twister – allows one to add backlog feeds to one’s favorite calendar (apart from filling up my calendar – not sure what it adds really). I am not sure if this helps me, just useful if you want to closely stalk others or monitor your own tweets.

Xefer – shows you when you tweet and reply to whom – nice but still trying to figure out what I can do with it :-)

More that can be used if you wish

TwitScoop – tells you “What’s hot right now?” – visualising trend comparisons and volume of conversation.

Twitterholic – Find out who has the most followers and who can be an influential asset to your campaign. •

fb2twitter – allows you to update Twitter by changing your Facebook status

follow me on Twitter. ;)
Notice anything missing? Please leave a link and description in the comments below. I’ll add to the main list on a periodic basis.
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  • R. Van Holst

    Great list, thanks. I also have a tool I love using

    Twalala – allows me to control what I see and what I do not see in my Twitterstream (exclude noisy Twitterers).
    This can be accomplished checking your tweet stream according to keywords, phrases or Twitter users – once identified that tweet is excluded = less noisy.

  • scott

    you may want to check out yonkly. It’s the first “create your own” microblog to integrate with Twitter.

  • Peter Metzler

    I like this list as well. Nonetheless, there is not tool listed for doing polls. So I suggest:

    PollDaddy Twitter Poll – write in your poll question – max 110 characters – enter your account particulars for Twitter – the poll is being sent out with a URL link to your followers – neat tool

  • Soraya Schüro

    I have another tool here that helps me find out how the people I follow are possibly connected – see loose versus strong ties. Interesting was that I found except for two following each other, none of my friends (people I follow) were connected.

    Hence, I have 98% not being connected to each other – a network consisting of weak ties for sure. The software does not do much more than 100 of your friends (people you follow yourself)

    Tweetweel – check it out get a nice view of how your network is linked or not.

  • Rolling Talks

    I found it is nice to have a tool that helps one to easily understand who the great followers and influencers in your network are.

    MrTweet – helps you find new people and identifying which of the people following you, you might want to follow back.

  • for Beth Kanter

    Trackback and many more tools you find here – thanks to Bev

    @ComMetrics I put a link in the WeAreMedia wiki – toolbox section

  • Beth Kanter
  • Pia Myrdal

    Nice post using a few of the tools you mention above… however, maybe you should add these nice productivity enhancers :-) :

    Twitter grade – improve your grade – how high do you rank

    Friendorfollow – tells you whom you should follow – watch it is not always right on the money,and

    Posty – want to post your tweet on FriendFeed, Twitter, Jaiku, or Tumblr or all four at once – this tool allows you to do just that, real time saver

  • Scott Meis

    Absolutely steallar list compiled here, thanks for putting this together. Just wanted to add a link to a few posts I’ve also compiled on the topic:

    6 more tools for Twitter, 10 more blogs and tweetups – check it out


  • http://http// Roger

    Brightkit is an excellent tool for managing Tweets. It allows management of multiple Twitter accounts and advance Tweet scheduling.

  • Gabriela Grosseck

    on behalf of Gabriela Grosseck:

    Just started using to get my @replies via email. Neat stuff!

    Tool in Beta – so still free.

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Thanks everybody for adding all these comments with nice tools, really helpful.
    Guy Ambrose just tweeted me another one that I will list below. Thanks Guy.

    This tool works similar to Tweet Later that I have mentioned above. The tool is called:

    Twuffer – schedule your tweets – mechanize some of the work – be a more effective Twitter user

  • Twitter Tips

    Great stuff here. Thanks!

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  • Roberto Martinez

    Great list.

    I would like to suggest It is a Twitter by city app with information about your city.
    -a top users list
    -latest tweets from your city
    -latest tweets about your city.

    It would be great if you have the time to review it. Thanks.

  • Jag SEO Follow

    Good list

    You may also like

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Below I explain how you can send a Valentine’s Day gram to your significant other – check it out

    Before I do this, however, let me say thanks to all of you for the great suggestions and additions for Twitter tools you have left in your comments above.

    This is all music to my ears. Thank you so much.

    Talking about music, Twisten ♫ is a site where you can listen to what everybody’s tweeting about on Twitter.

    Twisten will grab the song details, and let you listen to it directly from its dashboard.

    To login, you just use your Twitter login details, and Twisten will automatically populate your Twisten followers.

    There’s a special Valentine’s Day gram you can send to someone on the site today simply click the card, type in their details and the message will be delivered today or tomorrow.

    Please check it out, and let me know what you think —

  • Noobpreneur


    Nice list!

    I’d like to add my fav Twitter tool – it’s a tool to thread Twitter conversations –


  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Shorten the URLs and track the results for Twitter, plenty of tools

    Somebody recommended

    Like Kawasaki I prefer:

    I don’t really look at the stats much but the very and I mean VERY short link is fantastic.

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    I just came across another 2 great tools you may want to use, namely:

    People ComMetrics replied to and those that replied to ComMetrics
    The standard works like:

      “For the tag cloud of your @replies, I am fetching the 500 most recent tweets you published on Twitter and selecting those that are addressing or referencing another user (@replies). For the tag cloud of the replies to you, I am downloading the 500 most recent tweets that were addressing you. The list of ‘sleepers’ is a list of your contacts sorted after their activity. “

    So you get some interesting stuff and some less so. The more @replies the better – conversation it is called. Nevertheless, very interesting to loook at.

    To make sense out of your @replies streem and so forth, maybe you need to use Tweetree. It comes in very handy to make it easier to see who you talked to and you responded to what exactly:

    Putting your Twitter stream into a tree to see who responds to what

    This one shows your ‘conversation’ based on replies and makes it easier to find your way through your replies. Nice tool.

    Hence, another nice set of Twitter tools that should make your life a bit easier.

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  • Yinkuze

    Let me suggest NaijaPulse.

    NaijaPulse is a free microblogging service that lets you share short text updates about yourself and what is happening around you with friends, colleagues, family and fans.

    At NaijaPulse , you say what you’re doing, start or follow a discussion, share a link or news item, ask a question and join or create groups.

    NaijaPulse automatically pushes your updates to your Twitter account if you enable that feature. There’s also a Facebook Aplication that let you post right from inside facebook as well as update your facebook status.

  • Mitch

    Another great tool that I have been working on is called It is bulk follow/unfollow tool for your Twitter account.

  • Pingback: Urs E. Gattiker

  • Coral Grainger

    Thanks for list and all contributions above!

    What I believe would be useful is a neat categorisation of followers by location. eg: my account is Innovation Manchester (innovationmcr) – are tweeps following me because they are located in Manchester?
    Also, luxury would be to know is Innovation mentioned in their Bio?
    I’m sure there’s a market for some bright developer in that!! ;o)

    • Urs E. Gattiker

      Dear Coral

      Yes of course all such data will eventually be available if somebody writes the program.

      Nevertheless, when you have these data what will you do with them? These days we are being overwhelmed by data and information and more often than not we do not have actionable metrics that trigger changes based on the information we get.

      So when your wish becomes true, I wonder if it will work for you as you imagined in your comment.

      Thanks so much for raising this important point.

  • stefan

    Nice Article. For my german fellows: Die 12 besten Twittertools:

  • Twitter Trends

    Thank you for this amazing list of twitter tools!

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  • tuning blog

    great tools, thank you.

  • Red Devil

    very impressive, thanks for sharing this. keep up the great work.

  • pfefferschaum

    very good tools!
    Many Thanks!

  • Boris @ Scratch My Back Marketing

    I love all of these Twitter posts. Actually, I am thrilled when I find that my competitors are using Twitter. Yep, that means that they are not building links and I like that a lot. They Twitter and I build links… works for me!
    .-= ´s last blog ..Scratch My Back Marketing Explained =-.

  • likepr

    It would be great if they also implemented this in schools around the globe as well!
    Great post!

    • Urs E. Gattiker

      Dear “likepr”

      Not sure if I agree. Providing such tools in schools may detract students from doing what they should be doing, namely learning. I would prefer if kids would have a better idea about how to effectively protect your privacy and data instead. Surfing and using social networks can be done during their spare time.
      Thanks so much for your comment
      Urs E. Gattiker

  • Yohimbe

    Thanks everybody for adding all these comments with nice tools, really helpful.
    .-= ´s last blog ..Ist google AdWords eine Altenative zur Suchmaschinen-Optimierung? =-.

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  • Petra

    Nice tools, very good.

  • Minn Kota

    Thank you for this amazing list of twitter tools! Its great.

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  • RegCure

    What an amazing list of Twitter tools that is both up to date and useful to all Twitter users. Thanks.

    Urs from says: RegCure thanks for the flowers, if you or anybody has another one we should add, please let me know.

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    Best 101 Twitter tools #Twitter #SocialMedia

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