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b why benchmark failures

The stakes are high in ‘the largest consumer crisis management story of our time’. Interestingly, social media plays a minor role in this raging debate.

This case study outlines how conferences’ demands for value from bloggers may be bad for trust-building and respect, plus encourage unethical behavior.

A/B testing works best for clearly defined problems. This post explains why it must be supplemented by qualitative data to improve usability for clients.

When was the first banner ad used? What do Stella Artois and Löwenbräu have in common? Survey says the largest tweet-up ever is… Plus, free tools and more!

ROI is a financial term now used to measure the success of social media campaigns, but it fails. Find out how using cost-benefit analysis does it right.

Assessing the success of our social media work in 2010 is critical. However, data bias and listening to customers is the challenge for next year.

Spending too much time on LinkedIn or Xing? You’re not alone, but how about using it to sell more product? Read the insights we shared with our client.

How often does a company come along that really changes consumer behavior? We explain why companies still struggle with their employees using Facebook and Twitter.

Blogging and Tweeting means that the same power used to amplify promotions also makes any missteps very public ones. UBS AG could try using social media to better communicate how it will emerge from the wreckage that made its shares sink to junk status. Imagine that.

Struggling to survive in the digital world, TV Guide got sold for $1, while Business Week is embarking on various social media initiatives to harness its readership on- and off-line. We explain their lack of success.