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Your attention, please! I need you to focus on this tweet now. In an economy where consumers have an attention deficit problem, communicating via Twitter may just be more of the same while failing to get your customers’ attention.

Predictions and strategies aplenty for a recessionary 2009 regarding new media, advertising and public relations. This story focuses on actionable objectives for a software start-up. Now I am off to this new year’s party.

What have David Cameron (leader of the Conservative Party – UK) Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, David Miliband (UK Foreign Secretary), John Culberson (U.S. Congressman), Moritz Leuenberger (Federal Councillor – Switzerland) and Gordon Brown (Prime Minister – UK) in common? Besides dealing with the financial crisis, the ComMetrics politico blog index tells you about their blogging fame

Why might social networks such as Facebook or MySpace fail in your country? Why could it be the LinkedIn is of little help when trying to find a new job or trying to make that sale? Could it be that you are just wasting time instead of focusing on what really matters? Are Obama and […]

Not too long ago we started this series of posts about benchmarking. At the time, I thought readers would inundate us with suggestions and great ideas… WRONG. We got 2 Comments and a few via e-mail. These seemed to indicate that people are aware of the issues, have some ideas….Nevertheless, most agreed that benchmarking effectively […]

As David Bradley has pointed out so nicely in his comment about Web 2.0, we are moving toward Web 3.0 already. Nevertheless, people use Twitter a lot and whilst it is a Web 2.0 application, ever more often the question comes up – is it worth it or just a waste of time – @jowyang, […]

Benchmarking is one of the most efficient tools for initiating and maintaining continuous improvements. For smaller firms it means measuring success by the kilogram rater than the ton. Today size and numbers (e.g., visitors, media clips) may be of secondary importance considering reputation, credibility, trust and attraction regarding your product, service & brand. Developing measures […]

Everybody gives lip serve to how important benchmarking exercises are. How can it then be that we leave the benchmarking of webpages, e-commerce sites, blogs and social media campaigns to the geeks, webmasters and techies in the firm? We address this in more detail and outline why c-level executives should worry or better take charge! […]

Usage varies enormously across Europe. – bloggers may want to boycott rankings, and – Silicon Valley may not always get it right. Things around the world are getting more complicated for sure. Hence, firms that focus on understanding and respecting differences across cultures and countries will do better. In that context, we came across […]

about ComMetrics contact us follow us on Twitter not another blog our business model why benchmark In corporate settings one is sometimes asked 2 questions about social media, namely: 1) what does success look like, and 2) how do we show this to our management? ComMetrics is about answering the above two questions for management. […]