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c blogging – case studies

ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week. Is it tech-savvy or foolishness that the Trabant returns to the Autobahn while we avoid building carbon-intensive infrastructure now instead of over-charging for CO2 emissions later? Have your say.

How cloud computing affects your digital data rights… Considering Amazon’s thoughtless decision to delete unauthorized copies of a George Orwell classic from its customers’ Kindles, caution is desperately required.

Newspapers are struggling to cope with shrinking advertising revenue and subscriber numbers. Increasingly, consumers are unwilling to pay for access to e-news, while for every legal media download, there are 20 more illegal ones. Is this the death of media as we have known it?

Harsh economic times require effective corporate blogging. The FT ComMetrics Blog Index addresses these issues, evaluating corporate blogs to help improve blogging effectiveness through best practices to follow.

4 lessons or ropes to skip.

In theory, building a press kit will give you a chance to stand out from the crowd and get you noticed. But these days, your press kit might end up in the trash bin before it is even looked at. We tell you what to watch out for if you want to succeed in the rat-race to get media attention.

Coca-Cola was busted for so-called ‘kiddy-safe’ adverts in Australia that were misleading. The debacle is irresponsible and has soiled the household brand. We discuss the consequences for reputation and brand, as well as the business ethics implications.

Do you want to know what happened at the World Economic Forum? Get a FREE pdf SEARCHABLE file containing almost 600 Twitter tweets documenting what happened during WEF, which finished Sunday, February 1 in Davos, Switzerland.

Economic turmoil, wars and poverty all feature prominently in the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2009, but will delegates move forward on finding possible solutions to important issues? Read about the navel-gazing going on in Davos, Switzerland.