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Social media is PR to scale and marketing to the individual. The stakes are high but more than one organization fails to properly manage cross-channel marketing.

Everybody wants a million followers on Twitter or Facebook, but most can only dream of such numbers. What factors are critical for better follower-engagement?

5 reasons NOT to seal your social media borders

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2010/03/31 · 24 comments 15,526 views

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A lot of companies refuse to allow their employees to access any social media at work, ever. We look at why this is wrong in a world where SM is becoming king.

It’s agreed. Blogging can and will help your business when you are consistent, congruent and focus on great content. What is stopping you?

5 steps beyond viral marketing

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2010/03/17 · 45 comments 16,315 views

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A long-term sustainable impact with a corporate blog is much better than a short-term media splash. Follow these 5 steps and tips to make it happen for you.

This blog post outlines why Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s difficulties effectively mastering social media channels could be an opportunity for your company.

Every type of blog has a different set of appropriate KPIs, so you must understand why you are blogging, and which 3 metrics to use to measure your success.

Luxury brands are embracing corporate blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This post explains why engaging with 20-somethings through social media is a must.

ComMetrics Week in Review: Pepsi fails social media test, Oklahoma road fatalities thanks to Twitter and Google enters cyber-slave trade. Plus, free tools and more!

How often does a company come along that really changes consumer behavior? We explain why companies still struggle with their employees using Facebook and Twitter.