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ComMetrics Week in Review: FTC creates double-standard for bloggers, Twitter helps customer engagement, re-focus on inbound marketing. Plus free tools and more!

Transparency is needed in business. The US FTC’s new blog-endorsement regulations strive to achieve it but fail miserably. We tell you how.

ComMetrics Week in Review: Toyota damages Lexus brand, Mashable and TIME vs. FT and Razorfish: who is more wrong? Plus free tools and more!

Effective SEO is important to get high search engine rankings for any website. These hands-on tips reduce the time needed to improve SEO with WordPress.

Calculating ROI of air conditioning makes no sense, neither does doing it for the corporate blog. We present 5 ropes to skip during KPI & benchmark development.

The freemium model is a variant of free successfully used by Eudora Light (an email program launched 1988) that provides a core set of free features to all users. But as all freemium users have found, revenue must be generated to pay the piper. This is where Eudora failed and what might also lead to Twitter’s demise.

ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week. Is it tech-savvy or foolishness that the Trabant returns to the Autobahn while we avoid building carbon-intensive infrastructure now instead of over-charging for CO2 emissions later? Have your say.

Blogging and Tweeting means that the same power used to amplify promotions also makes any missteps very public ones. UBS AG could try using social media to better communicate how it will emerge from the wreckage that made its shares sink to junk status. Imagine that.

Struggling to survive in the digital world, TV Guide got sold for $1, while Business Week is embarking on various social media initiatives to harness its readership on- and off-line. We explain their lack of success.

ComMetrics Weekend – riding out the financial storm by steering a steady course – brings you the most interesting links we came across this week on the web.