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Do the blogging efforts by Volvo Buses and Volvo Ocean Race corporate bloggers achieve their objectives? Do these blogs reach their target audience? We took a measuring stick and checked it out. The case study ends with some suggestions that, if implemented, will help improve things quickly without much work for the corporate bloggers at Volvo.

Neither Mario Sundar from LinkedIn with his blog, nor Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO writing a commentary in yesterday’s Financial Times should use their positions as opinion leaders in the blogosphere or business community to voice their opinions about today’s presidential election in the U.S. – they both did …

Better corporate blogging at a Fortune 500 company or an FT Global 500 is a constant challenge. Here we present you with another case study, this time about Swisscom’s enviornmental blog, a trail blazer for Europe’s telecom industry.

Why should we have a blog and what will it do for us? Daimler’s corporate blog (e.g., Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart and other brands) is soon celebrating its first birthday. Time to reflect on its performance, does it deliver the beacon?

Social media analytics matter. Ropes to skip. Rule 9 – 12 that blogging politicians should abide by, in turn, making better use of social media possiblities. How does your blog measure up, are you breaking any of these rules? Check out and improve quicker than the competition.

Social media analytics matter. This post addresses the challenges for blogging politicians, such as the Obama-Biden ’08 dream-team and John McCain’s efforts on Twitter ;-). Politicians are using social media for reaching out to the public more effectively. How effective are they? Ropes to skip ==> we help you move from good practice to best practice when it comes to blogging.

Social media analytics matter. This post addresses the challenges for blogging politicians, such as Gordon Brown (Prime Minister – UK), David Cameron (leader of the Conservative Party – UK), John Culberson (U.S. Congressman), Moritz Leuenberger (Federal Councillor – Switzerland) and David Miliband (UK Foreign Secretary) measure up when it comes to following best practice rules with their blogs. Read on and learn about the 12 rules you must abide by in order to have an impact.

Not too long ago we started this series of posts about benchmarking. At the time, I thought readers would inundate us with suggestions and great ideas… WRONG. We got 2 Comments and a few via e-mail. These seemed to indicate that people are aware of the issues, have some ideas….Nevertheless, most agreed that benchmarking effectively […]

social media ropes to skip: C-level blogs FAQ #4

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/07/23 1 views

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No amount of statistical work will overcome the various inadequacies in the quality of data collected and how inappropriate these might be for measuring success with Twitter, blogging, Facebook or having a series of podcasts. For a CEO blogger it is important to find out which mistakes he or she might better avoid to save […]

Most large companies use social media channels to reach their target audiences in different ways. Naturally, they all have had their successes and failures. Sometimes the ROI issue comes up or why a c-suite exeuctive type should blog or refrain from blogging since it might not be worth it. Getting a handle on these issues […]