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New cookies law: Are you EU-compliant?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2011/05/26 · 6 comments 10,502 views

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Are you compliant? Law requires cookie statements to ensure that users are given transparent information about the types of cookies that a website wishes to use.

Women CEOs and board members are a minority. Few may be willing to put their heads above the parapet but greater gender diversity helps the company’s bottom line.

Social media monitoring, measurement: Does any new contact on LinkedIn belong to your employer? Location-based services have not caught on – we explain why.

How BP shrugs off negative reviews

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2010/06/16 · 71 comments 16,739 views

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BP’s mess in the Gulf of Mexico is a reminder that social media monitoring matters little, if at all, when chasing a moving target. But smaller businesses beware.

Transparency is needed in business. The US FTC’s new blog-endorsement regulations strive to achieve it but fail miserably. We tell you how.

ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week. Will Microsoft get away with the committing the 7 deadly sins? Why does SAP follow unethical business practices? Thanks to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner for getting Facebook to finally heel and respect its users’ rights! About time.

The freemium model is a variant of free successfully used by Eudora Light (an email program launched 1988) that provides a core set of free features to all users. But as all freemium users have found, revenue must be generated to pay the piper. This is where Eudora failed and what might also lead to Twitter’s demise.

ComMetrics Week in Review – the way we saw the World Wide Web this week: financial greed driving Porsche to the abyss while Adobe shows irresponsibility with its clients’ security.

Newspapers are struggling to cope with shrinking advertising revenue and subscriber numbers. Increasingly, consumers are unwilling to pay for access to e-news, while for every legal media download, there are 20 more illegal ones. Is this the death of media as we have known it?

After 10 years of losses and turmoil, luxury label Yves Saint Laurent has broken even. Six lessons taken from this successful revival of an old and prestigious brand.