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Are you trying to assess a social media monitoring service?
Are you sure that your social media efforts have an impact?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your social media campaign?


Recently we told you about an interesting conference – Going Solo – Ropes to Skip. Today we point out another one that has come up on our social media radar.

Social media is en vogue these days and many vendors and consultants are trying to offer us new tools and gadgets that should help us find our way through the maze of offerings. Some of the issues that make measuring and benchmarking social media efforts we have addressed here:

Twitter – means getting a better conference experience

Social media – Intel shows how e-proxy can be done effectively

Google, and Twitter: Why such Drive-By Traffic is of Little Value

However, many more issues remain. For instance, we have pointed out that social media monitoring can be a challenge. Social media monitoring also means checking if who listens to you makes a difference to your bottom line.

Unless your sales improve or your important stakeholders care, your social media efforts do not have an impact.

Recently, I came a across the social media influence conference that intends to discuss:

“How social media is shaping corporate reputation management, marketing and communications”

Of course, this important issue interests most of us that have to work with social media.

The one-day conference offers you some interesting sessions. Check out the program here:

Speakers at the social media influence 1-day conference June 4 in London – UK

I will be trying to sit in the first row with my laptop to report live, using Twitter – so read our tweets. Please leave a comment, tell me what you think about the conference but also about live tweeting the event and if you will be there as well.

If you are new to this area and you want to know more about what is out there by way of social media monitoring and measurement services – stay tuned we report regularly about the latest developments with this blog.

also of interest:
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Join the conversation! The conference offers a Twitter feed and experts will use Twitter during the conference on June 4, 2008 SIGN up now and be informed about the latest conference developments and trends:

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