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Who says you cannot get Twitter to teach Microsoft new tricks? IBM and Facebook’s research projects reveal great insights, plus free tools and more!

Transparency is needed in business. The US FTC’s new blog-endorsement regulations strive to achieve it but fail miserably. We tell you how.

It is not the technology – it’s what you do with the information that counts. I tell you why successful social media activites build on performance objectives and metrics that exhibit four characteristics. Without, you may not accomplish what you really needed to, in order to improve your bottom line. Previously I addressed some of […]

No amount of statistical work will overcome the various inadequacies in the quality of data collected and how inappropriate these might be for measuring success with Twitter, blogging, Facebook or Xing. Most often when ranking social media, no specific model is specified in advance. Instead, data suggest a model that is often quite vague to […]

Okay, so we have become passionate about social media and, most importantly, we monitor Facebook, Twitter and so on – now what?You monitor social media but are your metrics really telling you about how much influence you have on the conversation? Find out – read on we tell you the story. Whilst attending the social […]

You might as well avoid some of the mistakes I made as a blogger. Here are some of the things you should avoid from doing, thereby saving yourself much time and effort Recently somebody asked me something similar to: Hi Urs I launched a blog called xyz and I am trying to build it up […]

Are you using Feedburner, Feedblitz, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups or other free services. By doing so, you may antangonize your target audience. So before benchmarking – do some house cleaning first. Recently much attention has been focusing on metrics and benchmarking. We have posted some material ourselves including links to important metrics stuff on the […]

One can get lost in the conversation metrics for Twitter, so I began mapping a few measurements of my own to see if they made sense. It might be of interest to understand how one could measure the reach, influence, reputation management through through micro-blogging using some conversation metrics that tell the whole story. I […]

So post-it notes and notebooks is what Twitter is to blogs – a sort of micro-blogging that is becoming ever more popular with users. Some have argued that all this microblogging is helping us to become less effective Some people have compared post-it notes and notebooks to what Twitter is to blogs. However, Twitter is […]

Daily Me: Benchmarking Arianna Huffington

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/04/08 1 views

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Web wins in White House race – but besides being good for Arianna Huffington’s daily me blogging – is it any good for you voters out there? More than a decade ago the technology specialist, Nicholas Negroponte, pro-phesied the emergence of the Daily Me – a fully personalized newspaper. During these times, the US presidential […]