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Four lessons learned suggest that governments throwing cash after trash is a bad move. And sometimes Chapter 11 avoids exposing shareholders to future losses and cash calls of unknowable size. We provide the intelligence. You make the decision.

It’s not about sexuality; it’s about looking great. The men’s makeover that you’re afraid to have – just get over it! The WEF 2010 Sustainability Contest will deliver the bacon and show us all how to save water effectively. Thanks for participating.

While designers lived their dreams at last week’s Paris Fashion shows, people in Davos were concerned about world leaders losing their grip. In the hope of getting more creative solutions for the post-crisis world next year, organizers are considering combining WEF and Paris Fashion in 2010.

Do you want to know what happened at the World Economic Forum? Get a FREE pdf SEARCHABLE file containing almost 600 Twitter tweets documenting what happened during WEF, which finished Sunday, February 1 in Davos, Switzerland.

Greater public ownership of the financial sector and other industries now seems unavoidable in a number of countries. While China and Russia blame the US for the global crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed the creation of a UN Economic Council modelled on its Security Council.

Economic turmoil, wars and poverty all feature prominently in the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2009, but will delegates move forward on finding possible solutions to important issues? Read about the navel-gazing going on in Davos, Switzerland.

How to tweet from Skype and retain a fully-searchable archive. This post gives step by step instructions to take advantage of another feature to use Twitter more effectively.