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Fouad al-Farhan

Reading the above headline, the question comes up if it is the twilight of the blogs or rather whether it is actually the dawn. Read on for the answer and no it is way beyond the Clinton vs. Obama battle in the U.S. And no, the answer is not that easy but here is a […]

What matters is reaching the right people by the right means. A short while back we started this series with: 1 sensible metrics – how to measure success of a blog – the basics It is obvious that instead of measuring quantity, we have to measure quality. Only when we do that will the true […]

caught in a web of censorship in corporate social media we often focus on ROI – but blogging for freedom, accurate news reporting and people’s rights can hardly be measured using return-on-investment as a benchmark Searching for freedom, dignity, justice, equality, Shura and all the remaining Islamic values which are missing… may be far more […]