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I don’t care if RSS usage is 5% or 25%, stable or growing. To achieve better RSS reader retention I began offering my readers customised RSS feeds.

Web 2.0 technologies are here to stay, and social media is becoming an important tool for public relations experts and marketing gurus. This trend has resulted in a growing interest in measurements and metrics that are supposed to help assess one’s progress in the use of social media for brand building, communicating and so on. […]

Little applications that pop-up on your computer screen every 3 minutes (or more) or an RSS feed demanding your attention to another news item is becoming ever more common for people at work. All this ensures that your productivity flow is interrupted at regular intervals throughout the day. We tell you how to minimize these […]

Unless your firm sees a benefit from sponsoring polo events or a corporate blog, why sponsor anything or spend time on producing a good webpage with great content? If you intend to sponsor a women’s volleyball team or decide to produce great content for the corporate website, finding the correct answer to two questions seems […]