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by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/11/27 · 25 comments 1 views

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    Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the US – so I thought I bring you two great Twitter gifts … use them and SAVE TIME and PROTECT your TWEETS.
    Stay safe out there and organise your tweets now

We have brought you a few interesting tools, tips, tricks and so forth that help you use Twitter more effectively find a few here:

Twitter FAQs tools and tricks

Tweet Deck is a free, cross-platform, application running on the Adobe Air platform that allows you to manage your twitter account.

TweetDeck allows me to group those followers that I consider important for me for:

– professional
– social
– other

reasons. In turn, I may have 50 people in my professional group only. Nevertheless, I can I can track every single one of their tweets this way.

This is a good way for using TweetDeck because you not only are enabled to follow everyone that follows you (put them in your other group), as importantly, you can track those people that are most important to you at the same time by putting them in a separate group.

You can download Tweet desk here:

Click here and TweetDeck will also install Adobe Air platform on your PC

PS. Yes a Linux version is available as well, of course.

Tweet deck stands out from other applications because it allows you to open up different lists in the one window. What you can do is take all of you followers and add them to their own category.

Below you can see a screenshot I made tonight.

TweetDeck - get more effective using Twitter - use this nifty tool

I decided to put some feeds under a group called Own Feeds and filter a few people into this group so I will not miss their tweets.

I have a tech group and filter some more feeds from geeks into that one. There are endless possibilities with this.

If you want to stay organized with your tweets and continue to follow those that follow you, you might want to try Tweet Deck.

Incidentally, the tool is very user-friendly and you can intuitively start using it, takes no more than 3 minutes to get up to speed.

Incidentally, Twitter Search is available with TweetDeck. In turn, I created a custom window that only return tweets that match such a term as Thanksgiving. What is also great you can filter by kewyword amongst your pals and do advanced searches (e.g., exclude some keywords). Just wonderful, you may miss a few tweets but rarely if ever miss the important ones.

TweetDeck also integrates Twitter Search with TwitScoop. This will allow you to search for hashtags or the top trending topics. I searched for Thanksgiving and got them . TwitScoop’s website shows you all the people talking about that subject at a given time. So I knew about the Mumbai disaster before Tehelka – my favorite Indian weekly – covered it – see Mumbaifeed on Twitter

Safety and Security – Twitter – back up – backup

You should get this tool to protect your feeds, follower list and so forth, check it out and yes it is free.

making Twitter safer for you – backup your list of followers now

Please comment. Let me know what your favorite Twitter client is.

=========> UPDATE 2008-01-29
Here’s what I’m suggesting for today. If you are a participant in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland or you are watching from afar –

– install TweetDeck,
– do enter two search strings (#wef AND #Davos)

and you should be all set to get updates on all tweets with those two hashtags delivered right to your desktop. Also read:

And if you want the real story, follow WEFdavos to get the scoop. Thanks for your support.

  • Robert Molnar


    Great post I installed this a week ago and I like it very much.

    Just one or two things:

    a) when you get @replies and direct messages (they go to your e-mail and do not show on your Twitter feed) please reply to these pronto. Direct messages are people’s attempts to get in touch with you.

    Maybe one reason why you should follow people. Only if you follow somebody and they follow you back can they send you direct messages, otherwise this approach fails.

    b) tracking others is a matter of getting things organized and Tweet Deck can be of great help.

    c) #hashtags : these are tagged tweets that one can than search for on, so announcing your post on Twitter last night should have included a hashtag


    Added at the end of the post makes it easy to find this tweet on Summize.

    Finally, I once used Twitter Fox and while it is convenient I prefer Twitter Deck because it allows me to organize different people’s feeds into different groups as you mentioned above.

  • Sonja Rodrigues

    Urs I find the commands listed below very helpful to make my work with Twitter less time consuming and wasteful.

    What happens if you use the following Twitter commands:

    @username + message – this message is directed to a particular Twitter user – everybody can see it

    d username – direct msg that works if you follow the other individual and she follows you as well, private goes to your e-mail as well, neat

    FAV username – if you reply to an update with FAV the tweet is marked as a favorite

    The ones below do not work with all programs – – so log onto your Twitter account via Firefox and enter commands in the update window

    Using the commands below exactly as listed makes sure that the activity is not shown on your public window – typing it wrong such as STATS username instead of STATS only, shows in your public feed. So be careful.

    GET username – brings you the latest tweet from that user

    NUDGE username – using this command reminds a particular Twitter user to update his tweets

    STATS – this is nifty because it returny your number of followers, how many people you are following and what keywords you are tracking

    WHOIS username – very convenient because it gives you the profile information of any public Twitter user so type WHOIS ComMetrics – be surprised what I can find out :-)

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Hi Sonja and Robert –

    thanks for the info you are moving up the quality of this post towards something like the ultimate guide to Twitter tools 😉

    I just came across some more tools – you can find a long list here (it is in German but you can figure it out)

    I really also like using it allows you to find out the various hashtags, provides a list, very nifty.

  • David Bradley

    TweetDeck is useful for an occasional different view. But, what’s Tweet Desk?

  • Dat To

    great post. are there videos on how to use tweetdeck? can it have multiple twitter accts opened at same time?

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Dear Dat To

    I am not aware of a video regarding TweetDeck and as you probably know, Twitter does not allow you to have open several Twitter accounts at the same time.

    However, you can easily switch from one Twitter account to another with the help of Tweet Deck.
    David, I am still looking for the Tweet Desk :-)

    Thank you, Dat To and David for your comments. Anybody out there know of a video regarding TweetDeck please leave a comment here

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  • KarenMW

    Here’s a good video:

    Urs Answers: Karen thanks great video, what a faster talker…. but the video is right on the money, nice for somebody just starting to use TweetDeck – very helpful.

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