video captures near crash during x-wind landing of A320 in Hamburg

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When you sit on a plane, things can pretty scary as this example shows. For 130 passengers, their Lufthansa A320 flight from Munich to Fuhlsbuettel Airport in Hamburg last Saturday could have ended in disaster.

The powerful winter storm system called EMMA caused 90 kilometer-per-hour crosswinds on one of the runway’s at the Hamburg airport. After skidding dramatically across the runway in an aborted landing, the plane’s pilot opted to take off once again.

Cannot see the image get it here: the near disaster – horror landing for these passengers

Of course, some people will ask if the pilot was a hero or a fool. As well, investigators will have to find out if the mistake was the pilots or if the air-traffic controllers should not have shut down the runway earlier. Right after this near crash, the runway was shut down by air-traffic control in Hamburg.

Nonetheless, the video communicates very nicely that while technology did a great job in helping the pilots prevent disaster, it is people that make the final decision – land and crash or else abort and try again. In this case, the pilot decided to try again.

Using a different runway, the flight landed safely about 10 minutes later. Watch the video here:

some experts claim the attempted landing was more dramatic than any incident in German domestic aviation history – watch video HERE

Just imagine having had a window seat and being on that plane – a really scary thought.

But the video also demonstrates that some things can be communicated much better with a visual image than using words.

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Monday it was annouced that EADS won over Boeing in the fierce competition to supply inflight refuelling tankers to the US air force – the A330-200. Could hardly be better designed to restore confidence and fortunes of the battered Franco-German group if it had been engineered by President Sarkozy instead of Robert Gates’ team at the Pentagon.60% of the aircraft will be made in America. The contract including maintenance work is worth about US $35bn.

  • Naude

    Two things come to mind here.

    1. Experience of human pilots should not be underestimated. I doubt todays technology of autopilots would have forced the plane to take-off again.

    2. The power of the press belongs to those who own it. With pervasive affordable technology in the form of cell phones, cameras the press belongs to anyone who has one and is present in the moment. Capture stills, videos and sound, record the moment.

    Hopefully soon an earthly aware (recording facts/events) population can assist the decision makers to deliver their word of “transparent accountability”.

  • WebUrs


    thanks for the comment really thoughtful. I suppose the flight recorder will tell investigators more about what the pilot did and how well he or she performed in this near crash.

    Interesting about the 2nd point is that mass media did not really talk about this until late Monday (yesterday) and if the German guys would not have uploaded the film to YouTube, we would not know.

    While it allows us to capture the moment, it starts to be like living in a glass house. No privacy any longer. What you once did as a teenager will stay with you all your life. Sombedoy probably recorded the event by taking a digital image. Worst is that you might not even know about it.

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